Abstract Stone Circles

Stone sculptures are beautiful, polished works of art that represent the beauty of the earth with gorgeous, professional craftsmanship. Whether the sculptures are adorning your yard, the foyer of your home, the lobby of your business, your personal office or the entrance of your business, these abstract stone circles display elegance and artistry with pure, natural stone crafted into imaginative shapes.

I am a sculptor based in Batavia, New York, near Rochester, crafting one-of-a-kind stone sculptures for homeowners and business owners throughout the state and throughout the world. Each sculpture embodies the vision and mission of artistry, to portray ideas, events and emotions with purity and clarity. By taking real stone from the earth and turning the pieces into stunning, graceful artworks, each sculpture speaks to the owner and inspires every viewer in different ways. With 38 years of experience in creating unique and original stone sculptures, I have crafted hundreds of exceptional works, each with a similar and continuous artistic signature, but with its own special elegance.

Make these sculptures a part of your life and own a piece of the earth and a piece of artistry. Fill out our contact form or give us a call for more information

Check back for pictures of my Abstract Stone Circles!