George Graham, Stone Sculptor

Phone: 585-727-4703

Address: 7714 Lewiston Rd., Batavia NY 14020



Did I really carve this stone?

YES! All the sculpture has been carved by my hand from beginning to end. I use any and all tools that suit my purpose. Hammer and chisels, pneumatic (air) tools, and electric grinders with diamond blades are all well used.

Can you visit my studio?

Yes. All visitors are welcome; just call for an appointment.

Can you see the sculpture shown on this website?

Yes. When the sculptures are not on display at other venues, they are set up in my studio. Contact me for an appointment.

Do I take on commissioned sculpture projects?

Emphatically YES. After serious consultation, drawings and scale models are made for consideration and approval. There will be a nominal fee for making drawings and models.

Do I have stone on hand for future projects?

Yes. I have a large and varied collection of raw material. Clients are welcome to pick and choose from my stock. Special stone can always be ordered from suppliers as needed.

How do I get my stone sculpture home?

I am happy to deliver and set up pieces to your home. From Rochester to Buffalo NY, I deliver for the cost of the gasoline. Clients are always welcome to pick up their piece at my studio. All the sculpture can be shipped. The cost of crating and shipping is added to the price of purchase. I work with my clients so that moving and installation is properly and safely done.

Will I need a pedestal?

It depends. Each sculpture display is unique. Most small pieces need only a nice cloth underneath to protect the finished wood of a table. A properly displayed sculpture is extremely important, and is a major part of what I do to take care of my clients.

How do I take care of stone sculpture?

Dish soap water and a soft wash cloth is the standard way of cleaning stone. Built up dirt can be scrubbed off with a soft fiber scrub brush if necessary. Outdoors stains can be cleaned with mix of 1 part Clorox and 4 parts water. I recommend cleaning outdoor pieces once a year.